Thursday, February 11, 2016

Return of the Cartagena

I got back from Ciudad Perdida and learned that while he had originally promised Friday, the motorcycle wouldn't actually be ready until Wednesday. So upon returning I stayed in Santa Marta two nights, and then decided to head up to Taganga for a few days to kill time before going back to Cartagena to get the bike on Wednesday - I'd already spent seven nights in Cartagena, I really didn't need to be back there before the bike was ready to spend more time there.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Ciudad Perdida

I'd first heard about the "Lost City" hike from David, way back when we were travelling together through El Salvador and Nicaragua. Then in Boquete, I got another glowing review of the hike from Anou and Clara. Still, I wasn't completely sure if I'd do it or not, since it was four or five days, which was longer than I'd spent in most places up until then.

But then I had the accident, and I was going to have to stay somewhat close to Cartagena for a few weeks, so I decided it was time to head out into the jungle.