How This Blog Started

48 States in 100 Days

The summer of 2011, I took my motorcycle Roxanne, a backpack, and a tent, and traveled through all 48 continental states. It took exactly 100 days from the beginning of June til the middle of September, and in between I went wherever I felt like going, including a bunch of places that other people recommended. I traveled 21,198 miles from start to finish, got 5 oil changes, two new tires, and only stayed in a hotel five nights. I camped, stayed with friends, and couchsurfed to keep my costs low and leave me money for trying good beers all over the country. I blogged every day at the beginning of the trip, but slowed down to 4-5 times a week later on. To see all of my posts from the trip, search for the label 48states.

Where I went on the trip. Click for larger version.

In the fall of 2015, I took a new motorcycle and a backpack and left from my home of San Diego to head down through Central and South America. This blog serves as my travel log, with the occasional musing on whatever catches my attention.

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