Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So It Begins

New phase of my life, new blog.  This will mostly serve as a way for me to keep people updated on what I'm doing this summer as I travel, as well as a place to dump stories and pictures as they happen, but I'll also post whatever random thoughts are on my mind as I travel.

For those who haven't seen it, here's the map of the rough route I'm planning on taking:
This is a rough route - I won't be taking the highways for most of the trip, I'll be taking back roads.  But for the most part, I will be in the cities in the order they're on the map, with a few deviations.  I'll try to keep it updated as I go, or I may find another way to keep track of where I've been.  Anyone know any good Android apps for doing that?

I'm still looking for things to do, sights to see, and places to stay, so if you have any of those, you can add them to my google maps.  Instructions on how to do that here, though you'll need a google account to actually do any editing.  If you don't have one, send me a message on Facebook or leave a comment here and I'll add it.

I'm busy packing (and using this as an excuse to procrastinate), so I'll get back to that.  I'll probably post a few more times before I head out, and then the real posts will start.


  1. Eric, what you are doing is absolutely fantastic!!! I sincerely wish you all the best and I am positive that you will have a wonderful journey through the roads and in the life you are taking up! I wish I could do something like this and looking at you I would probably end up doing in the near future :-)! I will be following this blog closely and as we spoke do try to hit the east coast islands. Be safe and have a spectacular road trip!

  2. Eric there are 2 apps I use for exercising which may work for you. MapMyTracks and runtastic both are good. They obviously use GPS and will drain your battery however. I believe they both have battery saving features though that would help that. Good Luck! Shawn

  3. Sounds like a fun effort, Eric. I look forward to seeing what you are up to on the road!

  4. You should make a jog down to Alamogordo, NM and visit the White Sands National Monument. Sunrise/Sunset are the best times to see it, otherwise it gets kinda blinding in the mid-day sun. Hopefully you can get it in, it's definitely worth it!