Sunday, June 12, 2011


Kadoka, SD

I'm currently sitting in a truck stop lounge watching the NBA finals, which is being periodically interrupted by extreme weather warnings.  A pretty huge storm is blowing through, with 30 mph winds, dark skies, and a lot of lightning and thunder.  We'll see what things look like when it finishes blowing through, but I'm not really going to want to camp I think, so I may see if I can crash in this lounge for the night.

It wouldn't have been ideal, but I would have taken the 90+ degree weather I had last week while I was camping, in exchange for rain when I had houses to stay in.  Oh well, you take what you get.


  1. Something tells me that this will be one of your favorite stories to tell later.

    It's always the crazy, inconvenient events that are still worth telling years later.

  2. I wish it would be one of those stories... but unfortunately nothing too interesting happened, so it will probably be relegated to the bucket of "all those times I had unfortunate sleeping experiences during that one summer."