Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy, Part 2 - Rooster

Roswell, NM

See also: Crazy, Part 1

Imagine a parking lot at the end of a small town.  The town's called Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco. The parking lot is in front of a theater, and there's an empty grass lot next to it. I set up the tent on the edge of the empty lot, with the motorcycle parked in the corner of the theater parking lot.  Because it was next to a theater, and it was Saturday night, I figured no one would be getting to the theater too early in the morning, so I set my alarm a little later than I usually do when I'm camping in... less reliable places.

I awoke early to the sound of a rooster. And again. No wait - it's a person imitating a rooster. And the second time, it's followed by two people snickering.

Deciding that I've been spotted illegally camping, I start packing up his stuff inside the tent. When I get out of the tent, I don't see anyone around. As I'm taking down the tent, a man exits the theater, and makes the rooster noise again, and he and his friend giggle.  Not much later, he walks over to me.

Rooster guy is very enthusiastic and animated, if a little disheveled. Probably in his late 30's to mid-40's.

Rooster Guy: (to friend behind him) Hey this is the guy! (To Eric)Oh man, you're just by yourself?

Eric: Yeah, I'm traveling.

Rooster Guy: We thought you were in there with a chick or something!

Eric: Nope. Just needed a place to camp, and all the campgrounds were full.

Rooster Guy: So you just set up in a field? That's awesome! Man, that's so cool. Are you leaving now?

Eric: Yeah, I was just passing through town last night, and didn't want to ride further because of the fog.

Rooster Guy: That's cool, that's cool... I'm here for an AA meeting, I fell off the wagon. I was just setting up early.

He mentioned the fact that he'd fallen off the wagon no less than four times during the conversation - I'm pretty sure he had fallen off the wagon that morning, despite the fact that it was 7am and he was setting up for an AA meeting.

He proceeded to ask me for my name, and handed me his iPhone - informing me that he'd only gotten it a few days ago and didn't know how to work it - and told me to find me on his Facebook and friend myself through his phone.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to work his iPhone, it was just far too complicated for me to figure out how to use one of those smart-phone things.

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