Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Ultimate

Redmond, WA

Yesterday I took another road that google maps said was yellow, and which ended up being dirt and gravel, had obviously been hit recently with rockslides and snow avalanches (but cleaned up), was one lane, and had parts where almost half the road had fallen off the cliff.  Why would that road possibly look the same on the map as a road which is two lanes, paved, with painted lines, and not falling apart?  And they never start out that bad - they always start out paved and turn to dirt 20 miles in, when it's not worth going back anymore.

It was a long, not-so-fun ride, but it got me through to the start of Cascade park, and it made me run by a random orchard that makes and sells their own hard cider - a welcome change from the usual brewery sampler, especially with how hot it was getting.

And today I'm at an ultimate tournament again.  Probably won't play at all, but it's fun to watch, and the best part is that it includes friends from home.

There's something... comforting about traveling halfway across the country, doing 7,000 miles on my motorcycle to get there, and arriving to find friends from back home.  Friends that I used to play frisbee with, playing frisbee.  I spent the last month learning just how big this country really is, only to arrive here and learn just how small it can be.

Here's a few pics

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