Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quote of the Day

Klamath, CA

Apparently Netflix no longer lets you stream movies AND get DVD's for the same subscription - you have to get two different subscriptions (and pay more than before) to do both. Sayeth Radley Balko:

So people who not so long ago were willing to pay $5 to rent a single movie on a low-quality VHS tape are now howling mad because if they’d like to continue to stream hi-def movies anywhere, at any time, they’ll have to pay an additional $6/month on top of the $10/month they’re now paying for unlimited hi-def DVD rentals.

I decided to do a hotel tonight, despite the abundance of good camping in the redwood forests around here. The main reason was that my phone battery was dead, and when I popped in my backup battery to check the map and see where I was, it said it was at 20% (turned out it was at 70%, it just had a problem figuring that out), and it never seems to charge that well off only my laptop anyway. On top of that, I need to be in Eureka tomorrow morning at 9:30 for my second oil change of the trip, and I figured I had better have a working phone a.k.a. alarm clock a.k.a. map. So I'm here primarily for an outlet, but it doesn't hurt to have a nice shower, a big mirror to make shaving the head a little easier, and a comfy bed. I feel a little guilty, but seeing as it's only my second hotel of the trip, not all that bad.

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