Monday, September 19, 2011


Rockford, IL

So the trip is over.  Saturday night I arrived back in Peoria around 9pm, after one hundred days of traveling and 21,198 miles.  (Average distance traveled per day: 212 miles.)

Before Vegas: 48 days, 12,200 miles, 17 states.
After Vegas: 52 days, 9,000 miles, 31 states.

Two new tires and 5 oil changes.

Camped out 24 times, couchsurfed 28 times, and stayed with friends or family 41 times.  Five nights in a hotel, and two in a hostel.

I'm probably going to take a break from posting for a week or so, but I plan on continuing this blog - though obviously not with quite the same travel bent.  I do have a number of saved up post ideas from the trip, so there will still be some material about the trip as well, but it will mostly be about whatever pops into my head.  Think along the lines of Struggling Through ConcertsTravel InsensitivityBust Your CycleLimitations, and Practice. Those are the kind of posts that I'll be looking to write.

The pace will probably slow down a little too - I'm looking at posting big articles 2-3 times a week, maybe with some small ones in between.

Thanks for following along.

Edit: A chart for Holly.
Each of the lodging options, graphed over time
One of the things that sticks out with this is how camping/couchsurfing switched for the second half.  I camped 16 nights during the first half of the trip, and 8 nights the second half.  And I couchsurfed 8 nights the first half of the trip, and 20 nights the second half of the trip.  Staying with friends was about even - 20 vs 21 nights.


  1. I was hoping for a graph.


  2. HOORAY!

    That graph is outrageously informative and colorful.