Monday, June 6, 2011


Des Moines, IA

This summer, I'm taking a few months (from June to about the Middle of September) and my motorcycle and setting foot in all 48 continental states. The plan is pretty flexible, though I have a few dates I need to meet - Be in Vegas around the 20th of July or so, be in Memphis around the beginning of August. Other than that, it's pretty open to whatever I feel like doing. The route I'm planning on taking is roughly like this (this is NOT the actual roads I'll be taking, just a general area I'll be in).

Whole thing combined (not editable):

So here's what I need from you guys.
  1. Do you know of an awesome place that I should definitely see that (hopefully) isn't too far off my planned path? An awesome state park, a cool microbrewery (definitely let me know about these), a monument, or just the coolest thing in one of the cities I'm visiting? Let me know. The first two links go to a "my maps" page which should allow you to edit the maps and add placemarks of places you think I should go. Put your name, what it is, and why I should stop there, etc.
  2. Do you have a place I can crash for a few nights? I'll mostly be couch-surfing for the trip, but I'd much rather stay with friends or acquaintance if possible. All I need is a couch and a place to park a motorcycle, and maybe a shower. Actually, let's make that shower a requirement, as I'll be coming in from a few hours on the bike. If you can house me for a while, put a placemark on the map, let me know for how long and if there's any restrictions on it (weekends only, have to get up early, have to share the couch with your pet goat, etc.).
So that's pretty much it. Let me know what you guys think. Rate the map, comment on it, whatever. Just try not to move the actual destinations that I marked down on there - I'll move those if I actually decide on a route change.

Here's a map that I'm updating as I can to record where I've actually gone.  (Note: there's multiple pages, so you need to scroll down in the left pane and click "next" to see later parts.)
48 States Actual:

Note: Apparently you need a google (gmail) account to edit the maps. I'd recommend getting one anyway, since they have a lot of good services, but if you don't have one then the "edit" button doesn't show up. I'll try to add locations for people who can't.

Click on one of the two links above - first one is from Peoria out to the west coast to Las Vegas, second one is Las Vegas through the South, up the east coast and then back to Peoria. Then follow these directions:

Edit the map by clicking here:

Add a placemark by right-clicking where you want to add it, then selecting "Add a placemark"

Add a title, a description of why I should go there (or when you can offer me a couch), and your name, and click "Ok"

Click Save if you still want to add another, or Done if you're finished.

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