Thursday, June 9, 2011


Minneapolis, MN

I'd been trying to keep up with posting every day, and until I opened up the blog to write a new one, thought I'd been keeping up.  I've been busy enough that I didn't even notice that I didn't post yesterday.

I've spent the last few days in the greater Twin Cities area visiting friends.  While I don't know anyone at all in most of the cities I'm stopping in, here Minnesota, I know too many - even staying for 3 days I still didn't get time to see everyone.  After staying at Luke and Laura's Tuesday night, I got up in the morning and got breakfast with Luke and a tiny little place called Al's Breakfast.  It's in a space that used to be an alley, so it's just barely wider than a car, with a counter down the middle.  On one side of the counter is the servers and a few cooking tools, and on the other is about 12 stools, and just behind the stools is a line of people waiting for an open stool.

After that I headed to the hardware store to get something I needed for my bike, and then found a Panera and killed about 4 hours there with free Wifi, outlets, and some good tea and a cookie.  Hard to beat Panera for the traveler with technology and time to kill.

Eventually, my friend Laura met up with me, and we went to play frisbee.  She gets together with a group of people and plays a few times a week, and it was fun to play again - though without cleats, I was left using my invisible shoes, which gave me a few blisters seeing as I hadn't even run in them before, let alone cut.  It was nice to get to play though, and the group was all really nice, and very friendly.

After a quick shower, I headed over to Holly's place and hung out with her and her family for a bit, and then we ended up going to a jam band show at a tiny little club (with a pimped out upstairs lounge that we chilled in for a while).  Then this morning we did Key's for breakfast, and then I headed for a brief jaunt into Wisconsin.  I got a picture in front of a "welcome to Wisconsin" sign, and grabbed lunch at a sweet little bar/grill called "Muddy Waters," and spent the meal talking to the bartender again.

I then spent most of the rest of the afternoon trying to find a barber.  I hadn't shaved my head in a few days, and decided to just find a barber and have them do it for me.  However, the first place I went to was booked til close.  As was the second.  And they were both at least a half-hour ride from where I was when I decided to head that way - apparently I should have mentioned I needed my head shaved when I called, because they each only had one person able to do that (who was booked), and so they couldn't tell me over the phone that they were booked.  I finally found a place, but it turned out to not be worth it - while the novelty of having a guy shave my head with a straight razor was cool, he cut my head (in three places), it's not as smooth as when I do it, and I had to pay $20 for it.  I think I'll shave it myself one or two more times, and then maybe start growing it out again.

So that about catches you all up... I'm currently sitting in bed at my friend Maren's house, ready for some sleep.  I have 2 or 3 posts brewing in my head, but I got distracted tonight and ended up reading old xanga posts of mine, so they'll have to wait.

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